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• Welcome to new lab members Carrie Whittle, a postdoc, and Rinat Degani, an undergraduate student!

• Welcome to Indu Nair, a new postdoc in the lab!

• Congratulations to Ben Ewen-Campen and Andre Green for successfully defending their Ph.D. theses! See photos of the champagne toasts here.

• Congratulations to Kim Johansson for being awarded an EDEN Undergraduate Internship and a Grant-In-Aid of Undergraduate Research from the Museum of Comparative Zoology!

• The Evo-Devo-Eco Network (EDEN) NSF Research Coordination Network is now in its fourth year! See the EDEN website for details on how to apply for funding and join the EDEN network. Read more in the Harvard Gazette.

Welcome to the Extavour lab. We are a collection of developmental biologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, cell biologists, zoologists, and evolutionary biologists. Our shared interest is in the evolution of the genetic mechanisms employed during early animal embryogenesis to specify cell fate, development and differentiation. We focus primarily on the evolution and development of reproductive systems, including both the germ line and the somatic components of the gonad.



Extavour Lab Research Highlights 2007-2013