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OEB51 Panama Field Trip 2009

getting on the plane   Panama Canal
Getting on the plane from Panama City to Bocas del Toro   View of the Panama Canal from the plane
tour of the station   on the boat
Plinio Gondola, Deputy Scientific Coordinator, gives us a tour of the station.   Every day, we take two boats out and go snorkelling to collect material for lab study.
back at the lab   lab work
Back in the lab, we identify the species we have collected – there are many undescribed species!   “I know it’s a sea cucumber, but what species is it?
lab discoveries   exciting lab discoveries
Isostichopus badionotus – otherwise known as the chocolate chip sea cucumber!   Exciting discoveries back in the lab.
sea star   sea star in coral
Oreaster reticulatus is probably the most abundant sea star close to the marine station.   Oreaster reticulatus with a fanworm on a plain of coral
snorkelling   diving to see coral
Cassandra still relaxed while snorkelling. Peace out.   A student dives down to examine a mass of coral and sponge.
mangroves   condylactic gigantea
The roots of the mangroves create a world of their own, inhabited by ascidians, sponges, mussels, barnacles and more.   Condylactis gigantea, the giant sea anemone.
Isla de los Pajaros   leaving Isla de los Pajaros
Isla de los Pájaros – a beautiful rock outcrop where we hoped to collect bivalves.   The sea was too rough for snorkeling, so we had to leave Isla de los Pájaros behind.

Thanks to Sebastian Vélez, our OEB51 teaching assistant, for these pictures.

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