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OEB51 Panama Field Trip 2014

mangrove   echinos
Mangroves look like a tangle of roots from above, but below the surface we observe huge invertebrate and vertebrate diversity.   A collection of echinoderms: the sea urchins Echinometra sp. and Diadema antillarum, and the sea star Oreaster reticulatus.
beachlunch   basket
Cassandra chats with the boat captains over lunch.   This basket star is slowly relaxing and extending its appendages.
compound   veliger
Back in the lab, we can make preparations of small samples for examination on the compound microscope.   A gastropod veliger larva that has a well-developed shell but still retains its ciliated velum for movement through the water.
diveprep   divegroup
Gonzalo checks that everything is in order before heading out on a dive.   We had time for a beginner's dive class in Bocas.
group   airport
Group photo down by the dock after yet another successful day of specimen collections.   Back in Boston Logan airport after a great trip.


Thanks to Gonzalo Giribet for most of these pictures.

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