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Work Pictures

DPSthesis JRSthesis
Congratulations to Didem on a successful Ph.D. thesis defense! December 12, 2014. Congratulations to John on a successful Ph.D. thesis defense! April 16, 2015.
panama_tenure_group tenure_cake
Cassandra was in Panama teaching OEB51 when she learned that President Faust had approved her tenure case! Cassandra cuts into the lovely tenure cake gifted to her by the OEB51 class of 2014. Pineapple flavour! Yum.
becthesis dagthesis
Congratulations to Ben on a successful Ph.D. thesis defense! April 18, 2014. Congratulations to Andre on a successful Ph.D. thesis defense! April 21, 2014.
TOP working
Taro constructs the Gryllus Tower of Power. Even during fire drills, Nat and Victor keep working.
SD and CE Frederike contemplates
Seth and Cassandra hatch a plan... Frederike contemplates a single blastomere that she extracted from a crustacean embryo.
Tokushima snowmen
At the 2nd International Cricket Meeting in Tokushima, Japan 2012. From left to right: Ben Ewen-Campen, Chun-Che Chang, Cassandra Extavour, Siegfried Roth, Aleksandar Popadic. Didem's guide to recognizing Drosophila mutant phenotypes in snowmen. Useful for winter phenotyping!
playing with fire Cassandra searches for cricket embryos
Ben on sterile technique: Playing with fire is ok at the bench, as long as it’s for bacterial work! Cassandra searches for cricket embryos.
dissecting Abel at desk
Franz dissects cricket embryos under the microscope. Abel zooms in on fly ovarioles.
Franz entertains sharing dual-objective stereomicroscope
Franz convinces John to join the lab. We share dissecting tips and tricks with each other by using this dual-objective stereomicroscope..
Cassandra in the lab Friedemann practices
I know I left those embryos in here… Friedemann practices for our speed gel-loading competition.
pipette Cassandra in the lab
Keep your eye on the pipette! Cassandra at the bench…it still happens!
getting weird Franz poster
Ben getting weird at the MCB retreat 2008. Franz‘s poster at the MCB retreat 2008.


Thanks to David Behl for several of these pictures.