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Tamsin Jones

Graduate Student

I completed my undergraduate degree majoring in Genetics at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. While studying genetics I became really interested in developmental biology and the genetic control of embryogenesis. During the final year of my degree I conducted a research project on the roles of the Bone Morphogenetic Pathway in Xenopus limb development, in the laboratory of Caroline Beck.

After graduation I continued my Xenopus limb development project as a research assistant, and then moved to Peter Dearden's Evolution and Development lab, working on a variety of projects with Drosophila, honeybees, aphids and Daphnia. I joined the Extavour lab in September 2011. My broad interests are in studying how genes control embryonic development, and how evolution has shaped this genetic control in different groups of animals.

Outside of doing science, I play drums and piano, and also sing in a couple of student choirs. I sometimes combine my love of science and music by singing at the lab bench, hopefully not bugging too many fellow lab members!

I am a graduate student in the OEB program, and hold a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship.


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