Alan Baez Vazquez

Alan Baez Vazquez

Rotating Graduate Student



B.Sc. Biochemistry. University of Maine. Orono, Maine.

Research Interests:

Most of my prior research experience has been in the fields of toxicology and immunology; however, upon enrolling in the MCO PhD training program, I made it my mission to branch out and try new out different areas of biology. To achieve this goal, I decided to rotate in the Extavour lab to explore the world of evolution and development. I have always been interested in exploring the molecular mechanisms behind how genetic diversity can bring about various observable phenotypes (both within and across species). It is my aim that my time with the Extavour lab will allow me to explore this fascinating aspect of biology.

Selected Publications:

Suraj Sangroula, Alan Y. Baez Vasquez, Prakash Raut, Bright Obeng, Juyoung K. Shim, Grace D. Bagley, Bailey E. West, John E. Burnell, Marissa S. Kinney, Christian M. Potts, Sasha R. Weller, Joshua B. Kelley, Samuel T. Hess, Julie A. Gosse. “Triclosan Disrupts Immune Cell Function by Depressing Ca2+ Influx Following Acidification of the Cytoplasm,” Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (in press).

Juyoung K. Shim, Molly A. Caron, Lisa M. Weatherly, Logan B. Gerchman, Suraj Sangroula, Siham Hattab, Alan Y. Baez, Talya J. Briana, Julie A. Gosse. Antimicrobial Agent Triclosan Suppresses Mast Cell Signaling via Phospholipase D Inhibition. Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2019, vol. 39, pp. 1672-1690.  doi:  10.1002/jat.3884.