Evelyn Schwager

Evelyn Schwager

Post Doctoral Researcher

Current Position: Postdoctoral Scientist, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Research Interests:

Evelyn was a postdoc in the lab from 2008-2013, and was the recipient of a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

She obtained her PhD working on spider evolution and development with Wim Damen at the University of Cologne.

In the Extavour lab, Evelyn investigated the origin of embryonic germ cells in the spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum, and published this work in Developmental Biology. She also contributed to a number of other projects in the lab, including initial cloning of cricket germ cell markers and our collaboration with Prashant Sharma on harvestmen and scorpion body plan evolution.

Evelyn is currently a post-doc in the lab of Jennifer Fish at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.