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• Read an interview with Cassandra on her career path and new responsibility as an Academic Editor of Development.

Joe's paper on transgenerational inheritance of nutritionally plastic life history phenotypes is accepted for publication in Proceedings of the Royal Society B! PDF

• Welcome to Guillem Ylla, a postdoc who will be working on arthropod bioinformatics!

Carrie's paper on the evolution of sex-biased gene expression in Drosophila is accepted for publication in BMC Evolutionary Biology! PDF

Carrie's paper on the dynamic molecular evolution of animal germ line genes is accepted for publication in BMC Evolutionary Biology! PDF

Sam and Seth's paper describing the creation of a dataset of over 10,000 measurements of insect egg shapes and sizes is accepted for publication at Scientific Data! PDF

• Sam and Seth's preprint presenting evidence for the hypothesis that ecology, rather than allometric or developmental constraints drive the evolution of insect egg morphology is now available on bioRxiv!.

• Didem's preprint describing the resuts of our first studies on Hawaiian Drosophila is now available on bioRxiv!

• Leo and Tamsin's preprint suggesting the horizontal transfer of bacterial DNA contributed to the birth of the oskar gene is now available on bioRxiv!

Welcome to the Extavour lab. We are a collection of developmental biologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, cell biologists, zoologists, and evolutionary biologists. Our shared interest is in the evolution of the genetic mechanisms employed during early animal embryogenesis to specify cell fate, development and differentiation. We focus primarily on the evolution and development of reproductive systems, including both the germ line and the somatic components of the gonad.


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