Guillem Ylla

Guillem Ylla

Post Doctoral Researcher


Current Position: Assistant Professor, Jagiellonian University


B.Sc., Biotechnology. Universitat de Vic: Universitat Central de Catalunya. Barcelona, Spain

M.S., Omics Data Analysis. Universitat de Vic: Universitat Central de Catalunya. Barcelona, Spain

Ph.D., Evolutionary Biology. Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Barcelona, Spain

Research Interests:

After obtaining a B.Sc. in Biotechnology at the Univeristy of Vic, Guillem started working as a bioinformatician at the Barcelona Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF) in the laboratories of Insect Metamorphosis and Insect Reproduction led by Dr. Xavier Belles and Dr. M. D. Piulachs respectively. There, he devoted five years to the study of insect genomics and transcriptomics in relation to evolution and development. During this time he obtained an M.Sc. in Omics Data Analysis and a Ph.D. in Biomedicine. After the Ph.D. he did a first postdoc at the Genomics of Gene Expression laboratory, led by Dr. Ana Conesa, at the University of Florida, where he worked on bioinformatics software development and iso-seq data analysis. After one year in Florida, he moved to the Extavour Lab to work on insect genomics and transcriptomics.

Guillem currently directs his own lab in Bioinformatics and Evolutionary BIology at Jagiellonian University in Poland.

Other Publications:

Ylla G., Nakamura T., Itoh T., Kajitani R., Atsuhi T., Sayuri T., Tetsuya B., Yoshiyasu I., Watanabe T., Fuketa M., Matsuoka Y., Barnett, A.,Noji S., Mito T. and Extavour C.G. 2020. Insights into the genomic evolution of insects from cricket genomes.  bioRxiv,

G.Ylla, MD. Piulachs & X. Belles (2018): Comparative transcriptomics in two extreme neopterans reveal general trends in the evolution of modern insectsiScience 4:164-179

N. Llonga*, G.Ylla*, J. Bau, X. Belles & MD. Piulachs (2018): Diversity of piRNA expression patterns during the ontogeny of the German cockroachJ Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol 330(5):288-295

M. Harrison, N Arning, L. Kremer, G.Ylla, […] & C. Schal (2018): Expansions of key protein families in the German cockroach explain the remarkable success of this global indoor pestJ Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. 330(5):254-264

M. Harrison, E. Jongepier, HM. Robertson, G.Ylla, […] X. Belles, J. Korb & E. Bornberg-Bauer (2018): Hemimetabolous genomes reveal molecular basis of termite eusocialityNature Ecology and Evolution. 2(3):557-566

G.Ylla, MD. Piulachs & X. Belles (2017): Comparative analysis of miRNA expression during the development of insects of different metamorphosis modes and germ-band types. BMC Genomics. 18(1):774

G.Ylla*, B. Fromm*, MD. Piulachs & X. Belles (2016): The microRNA toolkit of insectsScientific Reports. 6:37736

G.Ylla & X. Belles (2015): Towards understanding the molecular basis of cockroach tergal gland morphogenesis: A transcriptomi approach. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 63:104-12