Josefine (Fini) Just

Josefine (Fini) Just

Graduate Student


B.A. with Honors, Biology. Colby College. Maine, USA.

Research Interests:

As an undergraduate at Colby College, I studied the genetic sex determination of the Large Milkweed Bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus) in Dr. David Angelini’s lab ( I also conducted some studies on Bumble Bee gut microbiota and organic chemistry (Dr. Dasan Thamattoor’s lab: Through my work in the Angelini lab, I became very interested in genetic pathways and their evolution. I am fascinated by the diversity of life-forms around us and how different phenotypes develop. As a PhD student, I hope to continue studying how genetic pathways give rise to organismic form and how they evolve to produce diversity. I will be joining the Extavour lab through the OEB graduate program in the Fall of 2020.


Selected Publications:

Le, N.N.T.; Just, J.; Pankauski, J.M.; Rablen, P.R.; Thamattoor, D.M. Ring Expansion of Alkylidenecarbenes Derived from Lactams, Lactones, and Thiolactones into Strained Heterocyclic Alkynes: A Theoretical Study. Molecules 2019, 24, 593.