Nicole Márquez

Nicole Márquez

Undergraduate Student

Research Interests:

Nicole came to the Extavour lab from the the SROH program in the E3 component with an interest in doing research in the areas of Evolution, Ecology and Environment. During her time with us, Nicole was an undergraduate rising senior at the University of Puerto Rico – Cayey. Nicole worked on ovariole numbers in insects, and the relationship this number may have with egg laying while with us. Nicole is currently post bacc student from the RSI program, working at Harvard Medical School.

Other Publications:

Church, S.H., de Medeiros, B.A.S., Donoughe, S.D., Marquez Reyes, N.L. and Extavour, C.G, 2021. Repeated loss of variation in insect ovary morphology highlights the role of developmental constraint in life-history evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society – Part B.