Mandira Katuwal

Mandira Katuwal

Post Doctoral Researcher


PhD in Genetics. Department of Anatomy, University of Otago, New Zealand.

PhD in Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control. Northwest A&F University, China.

MSc in Agricultural Entomology. Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

BSc of Science in Agriculture. Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Research Interests:

Mandira received her B.Sc. in Agriculture and M.Sc. in Agricultural Entomology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal (2005-2012). During her master’s, she joined the Department of Agriculture, Nepal as a plant protection officer. There she worked with farming communities providing plant protection-related extension services.

She received her first Ph.D. from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, China (2014-2018). This Ph.D. research focused on screening entomopathogenic fungi (Beauveria spp., Isaria spp., and Metarhizium spp.) based on their pathogenicity and virulence against multiple model insects for their potential role as biological control agents.

In her 2nd Ph.D. in the Gemmell Lab, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, she worked on genomics and microbiomics of three NZ pasture weevils: the clover root weevil, the lucerne weevil, and the Argentine stem weevil. She assembled, profiled, and compared their genomes and microbiomes to dissect the genetic underpinnings of the pests’ resistance against their biological control agents.

Her research interests include the broad areas of insect biology, genomics, genetic pest management, and host-parasite interaction in non-model insect species.

In the Extavour lab, she is working on an emerging neuroscience research insect model, the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus, to understand the role of adult neural stem cells in long-term memory formation.

Other Publications:

Clark Anna, Alexander Alana, Champer Jackson, Edison Rey, Katuwal M, Gemmell, NJ. (2022). Management of Vertebrate Pests Using Genetic Control Techniques, CSIRO Press textbook, Applied Environmental Genomics. Accepted for publication.

Katuwal M, Bhattarai UR, Dowle E, Phillips C, Gemmell NJ. (2022). Whole genome assembly and annotation of the lucerne weevil (Sitona discoideus). bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/2022.08.01.502324.

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