January 2008

The Wessel lab, including Cassandra Extavour as a co-author, publishes a paper on vasa expression in sea urchin embryos, now available from Developmental Biology. [pdf]

Cassandra Extavour‘s book chapter on the evolution of germ plasm specification mechanisms in the book Evolving Pathways: Key Themes in Evolutionary Developmental Biology is now available from with Cambridge University Press. [pdf]

Welcome to Katherine O’Leary, a Harvard College freshman.

November 2007

Key transitions in animal evolution! Featured in Integrative and Comparative Biology. Article here

July 2007

Welcome to Vasanth Chandrasekhar, a high school student from Xaverian Brothers High School.

The Extavour lab is open for business!

April 2007

A Close Look at Urbisexuality! Featured in Science. Article here.

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