July 2008

A paper on emerging model organisms by a consortium of evo-devo-eco researchers, including Cassandra Extavour as a co-author, is now available from Trends in Genetics. [pdf]

Cassandra Extavour is interviewed on lab management for junior PIs by The Scientist. Read about it here.

June 2008

Welcome to Alessandro König and Elisabeth Maritschnegg, undergraduate students from the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria, and to Trieu Ton, a Harvard College sophomore.

Congratulations to Trieu Ton for receiving a fellowship from the Harvard College Research Program (HCRP).

Welcome to Abel Assefa, who joins the lab as a research assistant after obtaining his BSc in physics from Grinnell College.

February 2008

Cassandra Extavour is interviewed on hiring challenges and techniques for junior PIs by Nature. [pdf]

Welcome to masters student Friedemann Linsler, who is a student at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.

Welcome to Chiamaka Nwakeze, a Harvard College sophomore.

January 2008

The Wessel lab, including Cassandra Extavour as a co-author, publishes a paper on vasa expression in sea urchin embryos, now available from Developmental Biology. [pdf]

Cassandra Extavour‘s book chapter on the evolution of germ plasm specification mechanisms in the book Evolving Pathways: Key Themes in Evolutionary Developmental Biology is now available from with Cambridge University Press. [pdf]

Welcome to Katherine O’Leary, a Harvard College freshman.

November 2007

Key transitions in animal evolution! Featured in Integrative and Comparative Biology. Article here

July 2007

Welcome to Vasanth Chandrasekhar, a high school student from Xaverian Brothers High School.

The Extavour lab is open for business!

April 2007

A Close Look at Urbisexuality! Featured in Science. Article here.

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