March 2011

Congratulations to Didem Sarikaya for being awarded both an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship and an FRSQ Doctoral Training Fellowship.

February 2011

Didem Sarikaya and André Green‘s paper on counting in oogenesis is accepted for publication in Cell and Tissue Research. [pdf]

January 2011

Ben Ewen-Campen‘s paper on the de novo transcriptome of Oncopeltus fasciatus is accepted for publication in BMC Genomics. [pdf]

December 2010

Congratulations to Frederike Alwes for being awarded an EMBO Short Term Fellowship to visit the lab of Michalis Averof at the IMBB in Crete, Greece.

Cassandra is interviewed for a Nerd Corner podcast of the Carin Bondar biology blog.

December 2010

Nerd Corner Podcast Interview for Carin Bondar’s Biology Blog featuring Cassandra! Click here

October 2010

Welcome to Research Associate Tripti Gupta.

September 2010

Welcome to Research Assistant Victor Zeng.

Didem Sarikaya‘s paper on the role of Notch in the trophoblast is accepted for publication in Cell Biology International. [pdf]

The new Evo-Devo-Eco Network (EDEN) NSF Research Coordination Network has been launched, with the administrative assistance of Barbara Perlo.

July 2010

Congratulations to Evelyn Schwager for receiving a German Research Foundation (DFG) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

Our chapter (John Srouji and Cassandra Extavour) on the evolution of germ plasm assembly in the book Key Transitions in Animal Evolution is now in press with Science Publishers.

June 2010

Congratulations to Ana Nast Roda for receiving a fellowship from the Harvard College Research Program (HCRP), and to Trieu Ton for both a HCRP fellowship and a MCZ Grant-in-Aid of Undergraduate Research.

Welcome to our summer students Ana Roda, Trieu Ton and Gabi Walters.

April 2010

Congratulations to André Green and John Srouji, who have both received NSF >Graduate Research Fellowships.

Cassandra Extavour is nominated for the Joseph R. Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize for her teaching in December 2009

John Srouji co-authors a paper on the evolution of venom proteins, now available from Current Biology. [pdf]

December 2009

Check out Cassandra on CreatureCast Episode 2 on NPR Science Friday. Watch here

November 2009

Cassandra Extavour‘s Episode of Casey Dunn‘s “CreatureCast ” is featured on the November 6 episode of NPR’s Science Friday.

Congratulations to Franz Kainz for successfully defending his PhD thesis at Cambridge University.

Frederike Alwes co-authors a paper on shrimp embryogenesis, now available from Arthropod Structure and Development. [pdf]

September 2009

Welcome to Didem Sarikaya, a graduate student in the OEB Graduate Program.

Our paper (Ben Ewen-Campen, Evelyn Schwager and Cassandra Extavour) on the molecular machinery behind germ cell specification is now available from Molecular Reproduction and Development. [pdf]

August 2009

Evelyn Schwager‘s paper on the role of hunchback in spider development is available from Current Biology. A Supplementary Movie from this paper is the featured video for the issue of August 25.[pdf]

July 2009

Welcome to André Green, a graduate student in the MCO Graduate Training Program.

June 2009

Cassandra Extavour‘s mini-review on the evolution of meiosis genes is available from Current Biology. [pdf]

Frederike Alwes co-authors a paper on Remipede development, now available from Development, Genes and Evolution. [pdf]

Welcome to Omar Delannoy-Bruno, an undergraduate student from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.

May 2009

Welcome to John Srouji, a graduate student in the MCO Graduate Training Program. John is initiating our collaboration with the lab of Andrés Leschziner.

A temporary farewell to Trieu Ton, who will be studying in China for the rest of 2009, but will be back in 2010.

April 2009

Check out Cassandra featured in Shooting Stars: Check out these faculty ballers! in The Harvard Crimson Fifteen Minutes Magazine. Click here

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