March 2017

Amaneet‘s paper on the roles of BMP signaling in animal reproductive systems is accepted for publication in Developmental Biology. PDF

March 2017

Welcome to Diede de Haan and Savandara Besse, who are student interns from the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Evolutionary Biology, and the University of Bordeaux Masters in Bioinformatics programs respectively.

February 2017

Carrie‘s paper on the evolutionary implications of germ line specification mechanisms is accepted for publication in PNAS. PDF

February 2017

Seth is a featured scientist on a Science/AAAS Webinar on automated imaging called “What automation can do for you: The benefits and pitfalls of automating your microscopy research.” Register (for free) here to watch the video.

January 2017

Welcome to Aracely Newton, a new postdoc joining the lab on an NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship!

January 2017

Welcome to Jacob Austin-Breneman, a rotation student in the MCO graduate training program.

December 2016

Cassandra is interviewed by Radio New Zealand on her science and music careers. Listen to the interviews with Eva Radich on RNZ Upbeat, and with Kim Hill on RNZ Saturday Morning.

September 2016

Welcome to Isabel Baker, a new graduate student in the OEB graduate program.

July 2016

Carrie‘s paper on the impact of germ line specification mechanisms on genome evolution is accepted for publication in Nature Communications. PDF

Cassandra moderates a panel discussion at the Allied Genetics Conference on the discovery of the homeobox. Read the meeting report and see the video of the panel discussion.

June 2016

Welcome to Amber Shaw, a high school intern who will be working with Austen Barnett on cricket oogenesis!

May 2016

Welcome to Sophia Ramsey, an undergraduate student who will be working with Arpita Kulkarni on cricket and fly development!

May 2016

Farewell to Davys Lopez, who is off to graduate school in developmental biology at Columbia University, and to Aisha Dorta, who is moving to South Korea to teach! We’re proud of you and we’ll miss you!

March 2016

Carrie‘s paper on codon use in a spider is accepted for publication in Genome Biology and Evolution. PDF of accepted MS

March 2016

Welcome to Casey Maloney, our new Research Coordinator!

November 2015

Taro‘s paper on the role of Blimp-1 in cricket germ cell specification is accepted for publication in Development. PDF of accepted MS * Read more in “In This Issue” of Development *

October 2015

Welcome to Arpita Kulkarni, a new postdoc in the lab.

September 2015

Welcome to Joe Deas, a new postdoc in the lab.

August 2015

Carrie‘s paper on codon use in Pancrustacea is accepted for publication in G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics. PDF

Welcome to Sam Church and Amaneet Lochab, graduate students in the OEB graduate training program.

June 2015

Welcome to Harsha Tarikereand Tarun Kumar, new postdocs in the lab.

Welcome to Linda Honaker and Leo Blondel, graduate students in the MCO graduate training program.

May 2015

Cassandra‘s collaborative paper with other members of the Evo-Devo community on the current status and future of this exciting field is published in Evolution and Development. PDF

Prashant‘s paper on appendage homology between insects and chelicerates is published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. PDF

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